We have had a quite a year! In April, one of our intercessors whispered, that the second half of the year would signal a significant change in direction for the ministry. We were caught in an eminent domain matter with the State of North Carolina – none of us saw the open door to the absolutely gorgeous and spacious offices we have now!

The move has positioned us to move forward with Project Pray University, a dream I have carried in my heart. This virtual online training center will allow us to touch the world from Charlotte. Did you know that no college or university has a leadership, training track for prayer pastors or coordinators? That most do not even have a class emphasizing prayer for pastors and church leaders?

Through Project Pray University:
  • We can touch the world from Charlotte – training will be available around the world
  • Anyone can attend our Schools of Prayer
  • Facilitators can be certified in our city-wide congregational prayer training programs
  • Online training for an on-site Discipleship Institute
  • Books and videos, teaching and study guides available virtually around the world
  • Resources for members of the Praying Church Movement
  • Certification for associate presenters for our various Schools of Prayer
  • Multiple presenters active across the nation serving in different places and different denominational streams.

To get our first 30 courses online – we only need $75,000. (Each course will take $2,500 to develop.)

The IT framework has been built. The website structure is nearing completion. We could have courses up and going by the summer of 2018 – but to do this, we need your help.

As you can see from this diagram, virtually every other project we do will be profoundly impacted by the development of Project Pray University. We have already identified and targeted prayer leaders in 73 nations around the globe, but how do we train them, connect them? Virtually! Internet cafes abound in these countries. The time is now.

Perhaps you would be willing to underwrite a course for $2,500?

Donate via text message: Text Give to 704-912-0354
Through COG World Missions Project #065-0067 at cogwm.org 
Or call 1-855-84-ALIVE

Pray. Ask God how you could help us with an end of the year gift that would also be a gift to the nations!


P. Douglas Small, President
Alive Ministries: PROJECT PRAY