Tap a Deeper Prayer Stream in your Congregation!

Our two most popular Schools of Prayer: Transforming Your Personal Prayer Life and A Prayer
Journey through the Tabernacle are now available as a seven week congregational prayer journey, called PROJECT 52 DAYS PRAYER JOURNEY.

  • Plan a Saturday School of Prayer.
  • Transform the event into a process that aims at making prayer a lifestyle.
  • The Sunday after the event to the following Sunday, plan Eight Days of Consecration.
  • Use the Practicing the Principles Prayer Guide, 30 Days (six weeks) following the event.

We’ll walk you through the process and provide idea and support materials, promotional materials
and the speaker for the School of Prayer.

LakePlacidWe recommend five sponsoring congregations. The commitment of the host church to the seven-week process of renewal is a major factor in the success of the School of Prayer. In some cases, we consider single congregations who want to host a school and may not be able to embrace the
seven-week prayer renewal process.