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Doug Small knows better than anyone I know of how to teach, mobilize and strategize your church to become a “House of Prayer.” In the Kingdom of God there are all kinds of leaders, privates, colonels, etc., He is a General.

Dr. Michael Knight

Founder and President, The Global Coaching Network and the Never Before Company

I consider Doug to be one of the foremost authorities on prayer and spiritual awakening in our nation—a real treasure to the church.

Bill Elliff

Senior Teaching Pastor, The Summit Church

Doug’s revelation about prayer will equip and encourage the Church to march forward on its knees.

Alton Garrison

Assistant General Superintendent, Assemblies of God

Doug Small continues to be an icon in leading multiple generations in prayer . . . I am not aware of other person in our denomination who has carried to torch of prayer higher and longer than Doug Small.

Dr. David C. Blair

International Assistant Director, Church of God Youth & Discipleship

Doug Small brings an engaging, energetic, and Holy Spirit sensitive voice to the body of Christ. The Holy Spirit is using him to connect Christians from across denominational lines and bring us back to a fresh understanding of our unity in Christ.

Dr. Doug Beacham

General Superintendent, International Pentecostal Holiness Church

Doug Small’s life is a portrait of passion for Jesus that results from intimacy with God. Many people talk about prayer: Doug Small prays.

Dr. Timothy Hill

General Overseer, Church of God

What is Project Pray?

Project Pray is an organization dedicated to serving as a catalyst for a ‘Great Awakening’ in America and the world. Through the foundation of transformational prayer mobilization, we aim to fulfill our obligation to the Great Commitment, “Pray for all men everywhere …”

Project Pray seeks to form strategic partnerships at the denominational, individual, family, congregational, and city-wide levels in order to educate the Church about prayer and all its facets.

Who is Doug Small?

P. Douglas Small is an ordained bishop with the Church of God, speaker, educator, and consultant focusing on prayer ministry. He holds a B.A. degree in Christian Ministries, an M. A. degree in Biblical Studies, a second M. A. degree in Church Administration, and a Ph. D. degree in Biblical Studies. His teaching materials have been used by pastors across the nation for enrichment and ministry.

In addition, he is an award-winning author and a popular speaker among pastors, appearing at leadership conferences, churches, ministry conventions, family retreats, and more for prayer and spiritual awakening. Increasingly, he is involved in national prayer networks and mobilization, with a Great Awakening in view.