Project Pray is a registered 501 (c) 3 organization that started in 1988. Through Doug Small, the President and Founder, the ministry has offered teaching and training in every state in the US, including Alaska and Hawaii, and on almost every continent, with the exception of Iceland. The heart of the ministry is Bible Teaching and training.

Doug has spoken at thousands of conferences in the last few decades and has ministered in churches of almost every denominational stream. Currently, Doug, after twenty-years of ministry continues to speak at conferences sponsored by various organizations, denominations, and local churches. The ministry partners to offer Schools of Prayer and other training with local churches. Doug has authored more than a dozen books and study guides.

Doug often says that he “backed into” the prayer movement…

After almost two decades of offering teaching-training ministry to local churches, prayer, he discovered was the missing element in both the life of the church and the personal daily life of the typical believer. For that reason, Alive Ministries refocused much of its attention to prayer training, offering Schools of Prayer and coaching in the area of prayer ministries, branded as Project Pray.

The heart of prayer is worship – a love relationship with God through Christ. And the edge of prayer is always mission. The goal of prayer is for us to so experience the transforming love of God in intimacy with him that we end up as channels of that same love to those who don’t have a personal and vitally transforming relationship with God, through Jesus Christ. Prayer can never be a mere sweet private thing. The goal is personal awakening, spiritual renewal in us and others, in the church and the city, and finally, cultural transformation.