Alive Ministries: PROJECT PRAY

is a registered 501 (c) 3 organization that started in 1988. Through Doug Small, the President and Founder, the ministry has offered teaching and training in every state in the US, including Alaska and Hawaii, and on almost every continent, with the exception of Iceland. The heart of the ministry is Bible Teaching and training.

Doug has spoken at thousands of conferences in the last few decades and has ministered in churches of almost every denominational stream. Currently, Doug, after twenty-years of ministry continues to speak at conferences sponsored by various organizations, denominations, and local churches. The ministry partners to offer Schools of Prayer and other training with local churches. Doug has authored more than a dozen books and study guides.

dougspeaking_croppedDoug often says that he “backed into” the prayer movement…

After almost two decades of offering teaching-training ministry to local churches, prayer, he discovered was the missing element in both the life of the church and the personal daily life of the typical believer. For that reason, Alive Ministries refocused much of its attention to prayer training, offering Schools of Prayer and coaching in the area of prayer ministries.

The heart of prayer is worship – a love relationship with God through Christ. And the edge of prayer is always mission. The goal of prayer is for us to so experience the transforming love of God in intimacy with him that we end up as channels of that same love to those who don’t have a personal and vitally transforming relationship with God, through Jesus Christ. Prayer can never be a mere sweet private thing. The goal is personal awakening, spiritual renewal in us and others, in the church and the city, and finally, cultural transformation.

Avenues of Ministry

Alive PublicationsTrnsfrmingChrchartwork

Alive Publications is an outreach of Alive Ministries: PROJECT PRAY. Products featured are books, CDs and DVDs created by the ministry, specifically by P. Douglas Small. In addition to books and audio-visual teaching materials, the ministry offers additional support materials – a prayer ministry coaching process; prayer banners; a prayer kiosk; a prayer-box and more.

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Schools of Prayer and other Learning ExperiencesEnrichingPrayer_LttrSz.indd

“Does Doug still speak at local churches?” – it is amazing that we often get that question! The answer is, “Yes! and often!” – almost every week. While we prefer for congregations to partner for our School of Prayer events, we continue to speak at churches across the nation. We feel the Lord is also calling us to train prayer leaders and mobilize a national intercessory force. We encourage you to partner with other churches and cities, convene and empower others, to catalyze a national effort of prayer and city-impact.

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The Praying Church MovementPCMlogo_notext

Join the Praying Church Movement and get connected to the latest resources available, prayer news, resource updates, prayer events, and more. Membership is complimentary, but as a Premium member you receive even more benefits.

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Prayer Trainer’s Network

CartersvilleGA2A network of congregations that are intentionally, systematically, and yet in a tempered way, growing praying churches in collaboration with other congregations with a similar vision, all to infuse a new spirit of personal and corporate spiritual vigor into the lives of members, families, staff and leaders, and intercessors – all to see Christ incarnated and proclaimed to a watching world; and to see this unwrap not only in an isolated church, but in a movement, of churches across a region.

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Prayer Coaching

In the Personal Prayer Coaching program, participants gather for brief sessions that focus on personal prayer, prayer models and concepts, and learning to pray by praying. Also available is the City Impact Coaching where you can learn how to shape a prayer mission strategy for your city/county/region. Other coaching avenues are available as well.

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Prayer Connect Community Leadership Networkprayerconnect2

Prayer Connect Community Leadership Network (PC2LN) is a collaborative effort, across the scope of the county/city/township (some definitive incorporated/unincorporated geographic area), for persistent prayer that aims at revival and renewal both in the local area and the nation. While the PC2LN is a local mirror of the National Prayer Committee, it is primarily a grass roots effort. Various national prayer organizations provide resources, but each community creates its own prayer and action strategy.

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