For years, I have watched congregations attempt to launch a prayer ministry. And I have seen sincere pastors and prayer leaders come to prayer training conferences and leave, loaded down with resources. In some cases, they have produced vibrant prayer ministries, and in other cases, they have stalled.

What is most needed is on-going training in bite-size chunks. A praying church is not merely one with a vibrant prayer meeting, it also necessitates the restoration of at-home daily to-be-like-Jesus praying, couples connecting in prayer, the family altar – and more. This is not an easy task. So often, there are superficial changes in the prayer practices of a congregation that fail to affect daily habits of the people – and daily life lived out of the Presence of God is the root of congregation vitality. You cannot have a praying church, without praying homes; and you will never lack for a praying church if you have people meeting God daily.

The goal is not increased prayer activities – not merely larger crowds at the prayer meeting. The goal is to change the culture of the church to one of deep dependence on God, exposure to his holiness and therefore to purity among the people coupled with humility. God blesses unity, but unity is impossible without humility. The primary need is not prayer praxis – new methods and models, new ideas for exciting prayer meetings. The need is ethos, the culture of the church, the intangible, which changes only in the Presence of God.

Prayer mobilization is one of the items near the top of the Evil One’s hate list. And if that is not enough, prayer is also war with our own flesh and the world. Connecting to other congregations on the same journey helps.

Before you need prayer leaders, you need prayer learners. Leaders with a narrow theology of prayer will set your effort back severely. Start with a team of prayer learners, led by someone being trained. Then, identify a small group willing to enter a process of learning.  Connect to the Praying Church Movement and the Prayer Trainers Network.

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