Prayer Impact Sunday

When Doug speaks for local churches, he encourages them to make the day extraordinary by packing it with multiple learning and prayer experience opportunities. Consider hosting a “Prayer Impact Sunday” at your church!

Doug can preach, teach or speak at one or multiple Sunday Morning Worship events; and can stay over for a Sunday evening service or prayer experience.

With a Prayer Impact weekend, Doug will often share with pastors or prayer leaders on Friday night, conduct prayer training (a School of Prayer) on Sunday. Speak at one of the sponsoring congregations on Sunday, and do a community prayer service that Sunday evening. You can build your own experience.


  1. Special Sunday School class on prayer or family impact and the AM Worship service.
  2. OR two AM worship services.
  3. OR two AM worship services and a combined Sunday School class (Larger Church) AND … a PM Service; or a PM prayer experience.
  4. AND/OR … a pre-service meeting on Sunday AM with pastor’s prayer partners
  5. OR a luncheon with staff.
  6. OR a pre-service meeting with intercessors.
  7. OR a post-service meeting with the prayer leadership team.
  8. OR, an extended training session on Sunday evening with pastors or prayer partners.

Schedule your Prayer Impact Sunday today!

A Prayer Impact Sunday works best as a part of a weekend experience. And the tuition from the weekend School of Prayer undergirds the weekend, financially.

For a Prayer Impact Sunday, Doug hopes the inviting church will take care of travel and housing expenses, budget a gift to the ministry, and allow a free-will offering for Project Pray endeavors. He does not personally take an honorarium. All checks are to be made to Alive Ministries.