There are a number of ‘different’ types of Schools of Prayer offered by P. Douglas Small, and Project Pray. The following are schools designed to help people ‘experience’ prayer.

The Prayer Advance – A Relational Prayer Experience
(Weekend Prayer Summit)
Modeled on the “pastor’s prayer summits,” this is a relational prayer and worship experience. It is “script-free.” The prayer style is conversational. Participants are seated in a circle, or a layered circle. There is no schedule or programmed plan, just a beginning and ending time. The focus is learning to pray – by praying, and then upon personal transformation and renewal. The heart of this gathering is not ‘needs’, it is the great need – the need of a deeper relationship with God. That kind of transformational prayer is modeled. We learn to pray by praying, over open Bibles, transparent, ‘heart-after-God’ praying. It is not the “hand” of God that is sought here, but his “face.” And the day flies by. It is an experience for leaders (elders and council), for men and women, for couples or for an entire congregation.

Prayer Missions Seminar
Less than three-percent of Christians now share their faith. The Prayer Missions Seminar is a bridge to evangelism. This seminar has three basic components – instruction, experience and debriefing. After a time of instruction, participants are released in groups to “pray the city.” If time permits, both prayer walks and prayer missions are experienced in this weekend. They may gather at a vista-point or for a rooftop prayer experience. This is often a first for many people – praying on-sight for their city, specifically for the lost! It wakes up hearts to the lostness around them to which they are otherwise blind. The “insights” that come out of this simple experience are often staggering. Ministries are sometimes birthed, spontaneously. People are moved to pray more consistently for the unchurched. The emphasis is on “blessing” the city by prayer, and “reading” a city through prayer. The result is new harvest eyes – a heightened sense of discernment. This is one of the most exciting prayer experiences offered by PROJECT PRAY.

Schools of Prayer are only one component of a Prayer Impact Weekend that you can schedule with P. Douglas Small, and Project Pray.

The goal for these schools is 200 attendees, with a hundred minimum. A modest registration fee is recommended.

In addition to the School of Prayer, you can build other impactful meetings around the School: leadership consultation, intercessors mobilization, men’s prayer initiatives, assistance for the prayer leadership team, etc. You can also schedule Doug to share at the host church on the Sunday following the School of Prayer.

In addition, Project Pray as a Build-Your-Own-School option, in which you can choose from a variety of topics most suited to your needs. If you are hosting a community prayer training event with break-out sessions, ask for our speaker recommendations – and we can bring a team.

Schedule your ‘Experiencing’ School of Prayer today!