Prayer Leadership Training Seminar
This seminar is for local church prayer leaders. Doug covers the “theology of prayer,” the “philosophy of prayer ministries,” and the “4-dimensional model for building a balanced local church prayer leadership team.” This seminar is also available on audio and video tape. This is prayer leadership training 101 – the basic seminar for getting a prayer ministry started in your church. Additional components can be drawn from the Prayer Resource Guide, a foundational collection of resources for congregations that are serious about becoming a House of Prayer. Another source, from which the seminar is drawn, is Doug’s book, Transforming Your Church into a House of Prayer. Since this entire seminar is available on video, we recommend, for a live seminar, that you select the specific areas you want to see more clearly addressed.

Pray, Church! Pray
This is a follow-up of the “Prayer Leadership Training Seminar.” This all-day workshop helps a prayer leadership team begin to develop a 4-dimensional prayer ministry. It is a jump-starter for churches that want to begin a journey toward changing the culture of the congregation to that of prayer. Topics explored are: prayer groups; corporate prayer; church prayer missions; models for prayer ministries. This is really a “workshop” for local prayer leaders in developing a strategy for their local church. This is really a “workshop” for local prayer leaders in developing a strategy for their local church. You can tailor this event to meet the needs of your prayer leadership team. This can also be presented as a part of a prayer leadership team retreat.

The Salty Neighbor
This “prayer evangelism” workshop is designed to wake up the need for believers to begin to pray for their uncommitted family members and friends, workplace associates and peers who need a deeper connection with God. It uses as a model, one of the most effective outreach tools that a church can employ to mobilize prayer for the unsaved. Get your congregation to adopt unsaved, unchurched family, friends and neighbors and pray for them every day, five-minutes a day, five days a week. And watch the results.

Leading Relational Prayer Experiences
A “3-Day” Training Event
This is a unique and in-depth training event designed especially for those who have attended multiple “prayer summit” type events, where the emphasis was upon extended times in the presence of God with a transformational focus! Those who have attended such times and want to learn how to lead relational and transformational prayer events should participate in this training. This is an 18-hour training event, usually, Monday noon – Wednesday noon, or Thursday noon – Saturday noon. A crash 2-day event can be planned for all day Friday and Saturday!

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