There are a number of ‘different’ types of Schools of Prayer offered by P. Douglas Small, and Project Pray. The following are schools designed to help people ‘learn’ about prayer. Prayer experiences are laced into the learning, but these are ‘content’ heavy teaching experiences – never boring, but a lot of ground is covered in each experience.

Enriching Your Personal Prayer Life
This is the most popular School of Prayer conducted by the ministry – thousands have attended this six hour learning experience. The prayer seminar answers the simple questions: What is prayer? Why should we pray? How do I pray? At the end of the day, each participant should have all the elements to create a plan for private time with God focused in three areas – prayer as communion, petition and intercession, all wrapped in thanksgiving.

Praying Through the Tabernacle
Using the model of the tabernacle of Moses, participants are led through prayer experience – and into the “heavenly tabernacle”. Each piece of furniture is a stepping-stone into the presence of God. An unforgettable prayer experience. Take a walk through the Tabernacle, with colorful and animated visuals, a model for personal prayer – and your prayer life will never be the same. The seminar is based loosely on Doug’s book, Principles of Worship and the Tabernacle of Moses.

Heaven is a Courtroom
Have you ever noticed how the prayer terms in the Bible borrow legal language? Jesus used the courtroom analogy when he taught about prayer. Heaven – is a courtroom. And in prayer, we petition heaven for the in-breaking Kingdom of God, for the will of God to triumph. We draw from the resources left to us in the estate of Christ. Provisions abound for us – but we must pray to acquire them. We must go to court. Here is an uncommon view of prayer along with Biblical models for prayer!

Intercession and Spiritual Gifts

To intercede means to stand between God and a needy person and cry out in their behalf. The basics of intercession are reviewed but the focus of this seminar is on the relationship between the motivational gifts of Romans and the manifestation gifts of Corinthians. Participants experience the five actions revealed through Jesus as He ministered to those in need. These parallel the spiritual gifts of I Corinthians 12. A lab on group ministry in prayer follows.

Schools of Prayer are only one component of a Prayer Impact Weekend that you can schedule with P. Douglas Small, and Project Pray.

The goal for these schools is 200 attendees, with a hundred minimum. A modest registration fee is recommended.

In addition to the School of Prayer, you can build other impactful meetings around the School: leadership consultation, intercessors mobilization, men’s prayer initiatives, assistance for the prayer leadership team, etc. You can also schedule Doug to share at the host church on the Sunday following the School of Prayer.

In addition, Project Pray as a Build-Your-Own-School option, in which you can choose from a variety of topics most suited to your needs. If you are hosting a community prayer training event with break-out sessions, ask for our speaker recommendations – and we can bring a team.