Congregational Prayer Coaching is ‘more’ than prayer. The goal is to assist the congregation to become a praying-missional congregation.


  • Prayer Meeting Outside Eyes Evaluation – Contracted individuals attend and observe your congregational prayer meeting and give you pointers about positive changes you can make.
  • Consultation – This is an appraisal of the prayer ministry of your congregation. We provide assistance in the next steps and focus in becoming a house of prayer for the nations. Receive help with a thorough guided self-assessment followed by a comprehensive next-steps report. (30-90 day process)
  • Prayer Leadership Coaching – Assistance with developing prayer vision and mission, a philosophy of prayer ministry to broaden your prayer theology. A comprehensive approach. Distance and on-site options available.

What size of congregation qualifies?

  • Membership of 1,000 or more is a typical congregation that engages in Prayer Coaching.
  • Churches with membership of 350 to 1,000 can team together with other churches to engage in a similar, but somewhat less intense process. The ideal is a cluster of 3-5 congregations in the same community or proximity, since quarterly meetings are held together with time for private breakouts and special attention to the needs of individual congregations.


  • A full congregational coaching relationship is typically 12-15 months.
  • The journey begins by framing the relationship with a consultation, gathering benchmark data. Then a 10-12 month plan and schedule are designed including prayer leadership coaching.
  • The first year focus is laying a solid foundation for the congregational prayer effort, prayer fundamentals in leadership development and a strong emphasis on the habit of personal prayer.

Who is involved?

Three groups in the congregation are engaged:

  • Prayer leadership-learning team
  • Level one staff
  • The church leadership board (elders/deacons, etc.)


  • Unsure about taking the first step? We recommend that you begin by getting an ‘Outside Eyes’ report on your congregational prayer meeting. Or begin with a consultation and then take the next step.
  • Congregational contracts can be renewed after the first 12-15 months. In year two, the focus shifts, depending on the progress in year one, to research of the harvest force (church) and the harvest field (city/neighborhood) and the design of a prayer engagement plan. These ideas are laid out rather extensively in the book, Milestones – Markers on Your Journey Toward Becoming a House of Prayer.
  • In the second year, if you choose to extend your contract, you can add additional churches at two levels.
  • Become a campus church that offers Prayer Leader Continuing Education, a mentoring experience for 3-12 churches.
  • Reconfigure your coaching contract and invite others to join you as junior partners in the process. Since you are a year or so ahead in the development of your prayer process, you will be able to assist them, both teaching and learning from them.