At our recent open house, we announced that on that day, two gifts had come to us to help us restructure some obligations that we had accumulated, including the costs of the move – a total of $50,000. We praise the Lord. And while that went to satisfy some past obligations, another $19,000 has come to us since the ‘open house.’ We are so grateful to God. And you, and your friendship, your prayers and support, have helped us get to this point.

We are currently attempting to ‘match’ this $50,000 gift. We have $31,000 to go, and that will thrust us forward. We need some equipment in our video suite, a book to reprint, and three new books that are going to press before the end of the year. The need for global prayer support is on my heart heavily – a prayer leader for every nation and a prayer mentor for every national prayer leader. There is so much to do, so many open doors.

Please keep praying for us. Your partnership means so much and we hope that, in conversations with others, who might be looking for worthy ministries with which they can pray and partner, that you will mention Alive Ministries: PROJECT PRAY.

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  • Give a donation via text message: Text Give to 704-912-0354
  • Donate through COG World Missions Project #065-0067
  • Or call 1-855-84-ALIVE