The PLCE program is a journey of like-minded congregations that commit to meet together quarterly fifteen times, over a 43 month period.

  • A team of local facilitators approved by the pastors of the participating churches are trained and certified by Project Pray.
  • Using Project Pray curriculum they facilitate learning and sharing in a 120-150 minute meeting that includes: teaching; table conversations; fresh tools and resources for prayer; and discussion about next steps and plans.
  • The encouragement and mutual sharing is critical to prayer leaders who are challenged in their efforts to bring change to the congregation.
  • The basic cost of the program is that of initial training and support materials.
  • The PLCE is most effective when it is unwrapped by a group of churches who are Premier Members of the Praying Church Movement and are related by geography, common mission and values or denominational ties.
  • Group subscription rates are available.

Call us for more information: 855-842-5483.