April 25, 2017

Vital Worship Grants awarded for 2017 by the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship

Robert Moore, Ministry to the Military Director, announced today that outreaches near three military bases were the recipients of a grant from The Calvin Institute of Christian Worship (CICW). The grant is a part of 33 worship renewal projects for 2017-2018. Church of God Prayer Ministries was also named in the grant, and will partner with the Ministry to the Military in providing prayer and worship resources.

Kathy Smith, director of the Vital Worship Grants Program, noted, “These collaborative projects bring people together to study, plan and create, foster new learning and nourish intergenerational community in worship” through visual arts, storytelling, music, preaching, prayer and contemplation. Their common purpose is a desire to deepen an understanding of worship and strengthen faith formation.

This year’s recipients include 20 congregations, one high school, four colleges and universities, three seminaries, a retirement community, a hospital ministry, a denominational worship committee, a regional synod and Church of God Ministry to the Military. The recipients are from 18 denominations, 19 states and two Canadian provinces.

In June, the project directors and representatives of all 33 grants will gather on Calvin’s campus to dialogue not only with CICW staff, but also with the recipients of 2016 grants, who will come to campus to share the results of their yearlong projects at a poster session that is open to the public. The director for the Church of God Ministry to Military grant is Jennie Humann, also the Church of God Prayer Coordinator.

Robert Moore noted, “We see this as an opportunity to engage our Ministry to Military pastors and families in a significant yearlong, weekly, monthly and quarterly mentoring experience that will reach into the homes of families so often separated by the call to service, and under relentless stress. We want to see Christ pressed into the seams of their daily life.”

On a few occasions, the participating military outreaches will engage with one another to share and strengthen each other. Study materials for special quarterly engagements will produced by Project Pray, and the bases will also make use of the newly released book, study guide and video series, The Great Exchange – Why Your Prayer Requests May Not Be Getting Answers.

Over 700 grants have been awarded in the history of the program. The sponsor of the program is the Lilly Endowment.


July 18, 2016GA16PrayerPromoButton

Numerous Prayer Events Planned for Church of God General Assembly

As has been the case in the past, the Church of God International General Assembly (GA16), coming up on July 19-22 in Nashville, Tennessee, will not only be bathed in prayer, but there will be multiple ways delegates can participate in that prayer covering.

According to Doug Small, prayer coordinator for the Church of God, the entire week will offer on-going prayer events, centered around the establishment of a prayer room located in the Music City Center. Individuals are being recruited to be at the General Assembly just to pray. There will be prayer stations located throughout the convention center, including the exhibit hall.

Small announced special guest Carter Conlan will kick-off the prayer emphasis at GA16 during a special 9:00 a.m. seminar on prayer preceding the L.E.A.D. conference on Monday, July 18. Conlan, Senior Pastor of Times Square Church, joined the pastoral staff in 1994 at the invitation of founding pastor, David Wilkerson, and was appointed senior pastor in 2001. Pastor Carter’s shepherd’s heart is evident in the tender and compassionate way he leads the large congregation at Times Square Church.

In explaining the specifics of the prayer room, Small announced that it will be open all day (7:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m.). The A.M. gathering time, called Morning Glory, will feature international church leaders with the kick-off being led by General Overseer Mark Williams, starting at 7:00 a.m. on Tuesday, July 19. On Wednesday morning, special guest will be assistant general overseer J. David Stephens.
Starting at the noon hour from Tuesday through Friday will be a session called Manna, and will feature fasting and praying, as well as devotional time with international missionaries and administrative bishops. Scheduled to lead at Manna are Ken Anderson, Peter Thomas, Ishmael Charles, Otoniel Collins, David Ramirez, and Christ Swift.

“Prayer teams serving daily in the prayer room will do so for three-hour shifts and will be available to pray for needs, prayer requests, and to join others in prayer as they come to the prayer room or to simply direct those who want to spend an hour in prayer in prayer room resources,” Small said. “These individuals will be called ‘Watchmen,’ those who will watch throughout the day, ‘Watching the World’ in prayer.”

Small listed the activities taking place in the prayer room:

– Prayer stations around the perimeter of the room
– Spontaneous prayer groups
– Simultaneous prayer for the business sessions/services
– Children’s prayer hour starting at 1:30 p.m., Tuesday – Thursday
– Praying thru the tabernacle/10 a.m. – 3:00 p.m., mentoring/modeling prayer.
– A daily virtual prayer walk of the nation
– Praying the globe – daily prayer for missions
– Virtual video tour of the nations of the world and prayer points
– Power point tour of Unreached People Groups
– Wailing Wall – prayer for lost sons and daughters, loved ones

PrayerPoint stations, with prayer volunteers, will be giving the ‘gift of prayer’ throughout the Music City Center, Monday through Friday, as well as outside on the streets of Nashville. Prayer ambassadors will be touching key service providers in hotels and restaurants in the convention center, giving the gift of prayer (when invited and appropriate) and bearing gifts bags (while supplies last). There will also be a People of the Cross exhibit, and a prayer team that will be offering prayer and recruiting intercessors for Unreached People Groups and PrayerBorne chapters.

Prayer requests will be taken on-site and via phone (855-841-HOPE). Email prayer requests can be sent to Assembly delegates will be encouraged to use the Twitter hashtag #prayCOG throughout GA16. For more information about or to register for GA16 prayer events, visit


March 23, 2016

PCCNAprayercommissionPentecostal Charismatic Churches of North America Launches Special Interest Commissions

PCCNA has launched three commissions to promote prayer,  unity in the church, and to provide networking and support for Pentecostal / Charismatic Christians in Communications and Media.

Thirteen prayer coordinators and spouses representing eight PCCNA member denominations and organizations met for the inaugural meeting of the PCCNA Prayer Commission at the annual PCCNA meeting. The Commission began in 2014 with three denominational prayer leaders discussing the possibility of a Pentecostal pastor’s prayer gathering.

The leaders were P. Douglas Small, Church of God – Cleveland; Lou Shirey, International Pentecostal Holiness Church; and John Maempa, Director of the Assemblies of God Office of Prayer and Spiritual Care. Out of those discussions a powerful prayer gathering, Encounter 2015, was held in January in Fayetteville, NC. During those meetings Small discussed with President Jeff Farmer the need to raise prayer consciousness across our churches. “Could PCCNA provide a covering?” Small inquired. The PCCNA Executive Committee recognized the Holy Spirit was at work over two decades earlier when bylaw framers created the concept of commissions. The commission was approved and Small, Shirey, and Maempa were appointed chairperson, vice-chairperson, and recording secretary respectively.

The mission of the PCCNA Prayer Commission is “to create a context for fellowship, dialogue, and cooperation between the prayer coordinators of Pentecostal and Charismatic denominations, churches, and ministries in North America, under the auspices of the sponsoring organization. The Commission seeks to encourage intentional prayer leadership in member organizations and their congregations toward the goal of building houses of prayer for the nations with Great Awakening impact in view.” Fourteen prayer coordinators have been named.

The first meeting of the Christian Unity Commission (CUC) included:  David Cole (Open Bible Churches/Open Bible Faith Fellowship), Dr. Cecil M. Robeck, Jr. (Assemblies of God), Dr. Harold D. Hunter (International Pentecostal Holiness Church), Frank Patrick (Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada), and Aaron and Patricia Campbell (PCCNA Memphis Chapter).  The group discussed the PCCNA vision and how the CUC can promote unity among churches and Christians.

The CUC goal is to assist PCCNA member churches and organizations in appointing liaisons to represent them in participating in the work of the Commission and other initiatives in the Body of Christ. Currently, in addition to those who attended the meeting in February, there are four other liaisons appointed by their organizations.

“The CUC will focus on training and resourcing liaisons in serving their organizations and the PCCNA in matters  related to unity,” says Dr. David Cole, chairperson of the CUC.

The CUC recognizes a need to engage the important issues related to racial reconciliation, a priority of the PCCNA since its founding. The Commission also hopes to provide a place for conversations about the nature of the unity we seek as members of the PCCNA.  The Commission’s steering committee anticipates a growing number of Liaisons who will participate in next year’s meeting.

The Communications & Media Commission (CMC) was kicked off by representatives of the International Pentecostal Holiness Church, Church of God of Prophecy, Elim Fellowship, the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference, International Pentecostal Church of Christ and Highways Ministries. The mission of the CMC is to facilitate communication, networking and support for PCCNA members’ communication teams. By sharing best practices and exchanging Good News testimonies, stories and events from our various movements, our united proclamation via multiple mediums shall empower the church to advance God’s kingdom.

The commission has created a private Facebook group page and plans to publish a directory of PCCNA communications and media professionals as well as a web page with links to our members’ publications and YouTube channels. The PCCNA Executive Committee approved creation of the commission contingent upon a letter demonstrating commission guidelines are satisfied.

PCCNA anticipates the launch of two or three additional commissions in the coming year related to racial reconciliation and NextGen ministry.


April 22, 2015

Alive Publications receives Book of the Year Award from CSPA

Alive Publications is pleased to announce their acceptance of the Book of the Year Award for 2015 in the category of Bible Study/Theology by the Christian Small Publishers Association. The book awarded is The Praying Church Handbook – Volume II, Personal and Family Prayer.

Founded in 2008, Christian Small Publisher Book of the Year honors books produced by small publishers each year for outstanding contribution to Christian life. Books are nominated by the publishers and voting is open to Christian readers, retailers, and publishing professionals.

The Praying Church Handbook – Volume II, Personal and Family Prayer is a collection of substantive reflections on prayer. Topics include: intimacy with God; humility; prayer as presence; the Bible as a prayer book; fasting; prayer as a life skill; prayer in your family; salvation of your children, and the missional family.

Editor P. Douglas Small serves as the Coordinator of Prayer Ministries with the Church of God; and President and Founder of Alive Ministries: PROJECTPRAY. His desire is to serve congregations by assisting them in making prayer the heartbeat of the Church. He coaches churches of various denominations in the area of prayer ministries, offering Schools of Prayer and Prayer Impact weekends. He is the founder of the Praying Church Movement.

He has authored a number of books and studies on prayer, and other topics. He is a member of America’s Prayer Committee and serves as a member of the Denominational Prayer Leaders Network. He speaks to diverse groups on prayer and spiritual renewal. His passion is to see a Great Awakening come to this nation.

Other contributors to the volume include: Dr. Mark Williams, Joann Garzarella, Edgar R. Lee, Pastor Ron Auch, Pastor Carletta Douglas, Kathy Hamon, Dr. Bill Bright, Ester Calderon, Dr. Herbert Seals, Debbie Salter Goodwin, Pastor Mark Hisle, Pastor Ron and Margaret Lackey, and Susan E. Isaacs.

Learn more about the book at>


February 4, 2015

“Lead from my knees,” is the language Dr. Mark Williams used on the last night of the 21 Day Virtual Prayer meeting that registered almost 5,000 connections over the course of the three weeks. Dr. Mark Williams and his wife Sandra Kay led portions of the call on the last night. Peggy Scarborough, who serves as the Prayer Coordinator for South Carolina and conducts similar calls for various prayer efforts, noted that the response was beyond anything comparable. Hundreds connected nightly.

Doug Small, Denominational Prayer Coordinator, noted that the effort would have been impossible without the assistance of Administrative Bishops who came on the call nightly with prayer teams from their state. “One of the things that I heard from folks is that they were moved by hearing these leaders pray.” One man commented, “I have heard my Bishop preach, and listened to him lead a business session, but when I heard him pray for revival, for souls – that moved me!” Indeed, reports abound that something happens when we hear one another pray.

The prayer effort will continue in a number of ways. Each Saturday night, at 10 PM EST, folks from across the nation can connect for a prayer call. This Saturday night, the call, Saturday Night Fire, will be co-hosted by Richard Dial. Joining him on the call will be Hugh Carver and Heinrich Scherz – and the focus will be on the African Fire Wall project. The first center has been established – but Dr. Tim Hill, notes, “We need prayer support. Hundreds, if not thousands of intercessors who pave the way for church planters, evangelists, literature distribution, across the whole continent of Africa.”

Small also says, the Prayer Ministries office is looking for prayer teams of 3-10 who will take one hour weekly, and create an on-going Prayer-Watch from Midnight to 6 AM. “We’ll give them plenty to pray about – the nations, unreached peoples, missionaries and projects, church planters and cities, as well as a ton of needs that pour into the prayer office. It will be a busy hour. The goal – to always have fire on the altar, to always have someone in the Church of God on their knees in prayer.” For more information on how you prayer team can join this effort, email

To join the Prayer Call – Saturday Nights, 10 PM EST, dial 712-432-0075, Access Code 367853#.