Conferences Overview

8470387757_bb1bd3a2b8_o“Does Doug still speak at local churches?” It is amazing that we often get that question! The answer is, “Yes! and often!” – almost every week. While we prefer that congregations partner for our School of Prayer events, he continues to speak at churches across the nation. We feel the Lord is also calling Project Pray to train prayer leaders and mobilize a national intercessory force. We encourage you to partner with other churches and cities, convene and empower others, to catalyze a national effort of prayer and city-impact. Below is a list of all the different ways we can help you spark a Great Awakening!
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Schools of Prayer

Schools of Prayer are seminars available in partnership with your church or organization. There are three main types of schools:

  • LEARNING – Participants ‘learn’ about prayer. These are laced with prayer experience moments.
  • EXPERIENCING – Participants experience the ‘doing’ of prayer. We learn to pray – by praying. There is no other way. These schools are laced with prayer teaching moments.
  • LEADING – In these sessions, the focus is on those who will lead the prayer ministry or some component of it.

Let us help you launch a prayer learning experience in your congregation!
We’ll kick off your School of Prayer. We’ll present a half or whole day primer in one of our most popular schools. Then, with resources we provide, you can teach the curriculum for the next six-to-twelve weeks. Great Sunday School and discipleship materials. Includes video support, book, study guide, PowerPoint, and teaching guide. A fantastic teaching resource. Get the whole church learning about prayer and praying!


  • The Prayer Closet: Creating a Personal Prayer Room
  • Prayer – the Heart of It all
  • The Great Exchange – Why Your Prayer Requests May Not Be Getting Answers

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Experiencing Prayer

This could include a relational prayer and worship experience that includes transformational prayer. Or a prayer walk experience that is a bridge to evangelism.

Prayer Leadership Training

This seminar is for local church prayer leaders. Doug covers the “theology of prayer,” the “philosophy of prayer ministries,” and the “4-dimensional model for building a balanced local church prayer leadership team.” This is prayer leadership training 101 – the basic seminar for getting a prayer ministry started in your church. Additional components can be drawn from the Praying Church Resource Guide, a foundational collection of resources for congregations that are serious about becoming a House of Prayer. Another source, from which the seminar is drawn, is Doug’s book, Transforming Your Church into a House of Prayer.

Build-Your-Own Option

There are numerous topics and sessions that can be used to construct a seminar for your congregation or organization. You can build your own experience by choosing the themes you want addressed. Download the complete List of Consultation and Seminar Topics.

Prayer Impact Weekend

Doug shares with pastors or prayer leaders on Friday night, conduct prayer training (a School of Prayer) on Sunday. Speak at one of the sponsoring congregations on Sunday, and do a community prayer service that Sunday evening. You can build your own experience.

Pray-Your City-Pray

This conference includes multiple plenary and breakout sessions with knowledgeable speakers from national organizations and outstanding churches. These conferences are specifically tailored to your city/region or sponsoring congregations. Tracks could include personal prayer, children/youth prayer, intercessory prayer, pastor’s and prayer leaders, prayer evangelism/revival. Optional features include a pre-conference Prayer Trainer’s Certification or post-conference City-Impact Seminar.
The lead time to organize and promote a City-Wide Project Pray Conference is 6-9 months. We recommend 10 sponsoring congregations.

The Prayer Council Project

The Prayer Council Project is a long-term process aimed at coaching a city, pastors and lay leaders, intercessors and para-church leaders, through a “Decade of Destiny” process – aimed at engaging the city with the gospel in fresh ways, out of a movement of compassion and care, and that, on the back of a pervasive prayer movement. It takes the reeducation of a core of city leaders to launch the project, we recommend a Company of Seventy, composed of laypeople, pastors and spiritual leaders, and intercessory mobilizers. 

Prayer Summits

This relational prayer and worship experience is a time of seeking the face of God with a focus on personal transformation and renewal. Here, prayer is learned by experience, laced with spontaneous content moments. Every city should have an ongoing prayer summit effort, drawing together pastors, laity teams and each and every professional tribe. Only when they pray together, will they effectively work together.

Continuing Education for Prayer Leaders

We have learned that the most impactful method of assisting congregations in their journey to bring prayer to the heart of all they do – is less not more. We have designed a prayer training process, complete with videos and discussion guides that brings pastors and prayer leaders of different congregations together quarterly – for teaching, fresh tools, and a boots-on-the-ground talk-it-over take-it-home moment focused on execution. This is teaching, with fresh tools, and implementation ideas, but in bite-sizes. The program unites congregations. It keeps prayer teams encouraged. It calls for measured change, inspiration and motivation without being overwhelming. The first step is to become a part of The Praying Church Movement.

Family Life Enrichment

Doug often speaks at couple’s events, men’s retreats and family conferences. The Couple’s Clinic is the family life seminar Doug has presented to thousands of couples. In that experience, couples learn about the stages of marriage – the tough times. They discover their learned conflict style and basic reflective listening skills that focus on conciliation. They look at the Jesus-style of forgiveness.