Conferences Overview

8470387757_bb1bd3a2b8_o“Does Doug still speak at local churches?” It is amazing that we often get that question! The answer is, “Yes! and often!” – almost every week. While we prefer that congregations partner for our School of Prayer events, he continues to speak at churches across the nation. We feel the Lord is also calling Project Pray to train prayer leaders and mobilize a national intercessory force. We encourage you to partner with other churches and cities, convene and empower others, to catalyze a national effort of prayer and city-impact. Below is a list of all the different ways we can help you spark a Great Awakening!
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Schools of Prayer

Each Wednesday, at 6 PM ET, there is a School of Prayer offering. You can order the book and study guide for each School of Prayer at

We are transitioning our Schools of Prayer to courses in Project Pray University. Our dream is a 72-hour college-level program on the practice of prayer, the devotional life, the Bible and prayer, theology of prayer, prayer leadership, the pastor and prayer, prayer and intercessor, prayer and mission/city impact.

There are three types of Schools of Prayer offered:

  • LEARNING – These are content based, conceptual in nature. We must change our prayer paradigm and that comes by changing our theology, our perception of prayer. Here, we ‘learn’ about prayer. These are laced with prayer experience moments.
  • EXPERIENCING – Participants experience the ‘doing’ of prayer. We learn to pray – by praying. There is no other way. These schools are laced with prayer teaching moments.
  • LEADING – In these sessions, the focus is on those who will lead the prayer ministry or some component of it.

A Learning Experience …

Kick off your congregational prayer effort with a School of Prayer – a half or whole day primer. Then, with resources we provide, you teach the curriculum for the next six-to-twelve weeks. These are great Sunday School, small group and discipleship materials. They often include video support, a book, study guide, a PowerPoint companion, and a teaching guide with the text of the book, cues for PowerPoint and highlights for teaching. A fantastic teaching resource.

Get the whole church learning about prayer and praying!


  • The Prayer Closet: Creating a Personal Prayer Room
  • Prayer – the Heart of It all

The Great Exchange – Why Your Prayer Requests May Not Be Getting Answers

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Experiencing Prayer

The most powerful prayer experience we offer is a ‘Relational Prayer Experience,’ based on what were commonly called, ‘prayer-summits.’ These were multi-day, most often, overnight prayer retreats built around the practice of learning to ‘pray the Bible in the Presence of the Lord.’ These are transformational encounters, and the best way to gather a small congregation in prayer consistently.

Once a congregation tastes such a prayer model, so easy, so disarming, and yet, so transformational, true believers will be hungry to continue to meet relationally, to pray over open Bibles. As a pastor, you will discover that it is so much easier to facilitate a prayer meeting where the Holy Spirit leads, casually, and yet with moments of intensity, than to drive a platform driven prayer meeting with a small group.

Other prayer experiences include – Prayer Missions into the City, Prayer Assemblies or Concerts of Prayer, Solemn Assemblies, and more.

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Prayer Leadership Training

Prayer Leadership Training is offered for congregations that have chosen the consultation option (HOT LINK) or are considering congregational prayer coaching.

This workshop is for local church leaders. Doug recommends that four groups be engaged. 1. Potential prayer leaders (not necessarily intercessors, though some should be included). 2. The Pastoral Staff (Level One). 3. Church Board (Elders, Deacons, Council). 4. Worship Team Leaders. No meaningful change can come without a paradigm shift in thinking shared by these leaders.

This workshop can be tailored, but typically addresses Paul’s concise “theology of prayer,” the “philosophy of prayer ministries,” and the “4-dimensional model for building a balanced local church prayer leadership team.” Additional components are drawn from the The Praying Church Made Simple, Transforming Your Church into a House of Prayer, Milestones and the Praying Church Resource Guide, a foundational collection of resources for congregations that are serious about becoming a House of Prayer.

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