The Prayer Council Project

CartersvilleGA2The Prayer Council Project is a long-term (5-10 years) process aimed at coaching a city, pastors and lay leaders, intercessors and para-church leaders, through a “Decade of Destiny” process – aimed at engaging the city with the gospel in fresh ways, out of a movement of compassion and care, and that, on the back of a pervasive prayer movement. It takes the reeducation of a core of city leaders to launch the project, we recommend a Company of Seventy, composed of laypeople, pastors and spiritual leaders, and intercessory mobilizers.

Quarterly Training Modules

  • Vision and Strategy: The Decisive Decade
  • The Nehemiah Component (Organizing the
    Professional Tribes)
  • Transforming Congregations into Houses of Prayer
  • Leading Transformational Prayer
  • Forging an Intercessory Prayer Strategy
  • Incarnation and Proclamation – Essential Partners
  • Thriving as Christians in a hostile marketplace
  • Building Care Coalitions
  • Developing a Pervasive Evangelism Strategy
  • Reaching a City/The Harvest Field
  • Mobilizing Congregations/The Harvest Force
  • The City-wide Intercessors Network

The book, ‘Change Agent,’ asserts that it takes “less than 3-5 percent of those operating at the tops of a cultural mountain to actually shift the values represented on that mountain.” Randall Collins in ‘The Sociology of Philosophies,’ a relatively small number of elites have shaped civilizations. In all the social networks, the different culture/social spheres, the number of world shapers, major and minor players, in recorded history is about 2700. Of those, some 150 to 300 have shaped our world in the last 2500 years.

Do you think your city/county might be a candidate for this ‘Decade of Destiny’ process? Cities must meet certain criteria for the process. Call us and let’s talk about the process and possibilities (855-842-5483).