The Praying Church Movement

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Motivate and mobilize your congregation toward deeper levels of prayer.

The Praying Church Movement is a network of local prayer leaders who are on a journey to bring prayer to the heart of all they do. To encourage, challenge, inspire, and resource believers as they seek to motivate and mobilize their church toward deeper levels of prayer. To connect prayer leaders with something bigger than themselves, such as,  national initiatives, Prayer Trainers Program, Prayerborne – Intercessor’s Alliance.

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The Benefits of

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  • Awareness of all major national prayer initiatives
  • Announcements of prayer resources
  • Invitation to weekly prayer conference calls

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  • Online community forum – invitation-only Facebook group
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  • Practical resources to jump-start your congregational prayer ministry
  • FREE preview of School of Prayer video teachings
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  • Product credit for resources in the Project Pray University Bookstore
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  • Subscription-only teachings and training with P. Douglas Small and others
  • Submit your own articles for editor review to be included in the insider-access teaching materials
  • FREE consultation with Doug Small and your prayer team
  • Discount access to training and participation in the 24/7 Prayer HOPE Line





The Seven Markers of a Praying Church

  1. Led by a praying pastor, aided by a prayer leadership team, we commit to bring prayer to the heart of all we do!
  2. We will encourage at-home, daily, Jesus-be-in-Jesus-me praying.
  3. We will call our congregation to regular prayer.
  4. We will honor those who carry a special calling to pray – intercessors.
  5. We will engage in prayer evangelism.
  6. We will offer regular training in the area of prayer.
  7. We will work toward the creation of a prayer room or center

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Ten Prayer Values

What we believe, and how we behave:
We value prayer; therefore, we will feature prayer in our worship and make prayer a central element of all ministry.

We are a praying people; therefore, we will nurture at-home daily prayer, family prayer, husband-wife, parent-child prayer connections, providing resources, training and nudging new and old Christians to deepen their prayer lives.

We believe that we are a kingdom of priests and that prayer and worship is our highest calling, and that as priests, we are not only recipients of blessing, but the conveyors of blessing; therefore, in prayer, we commit to pray for the favor and blessing of God upon others; for protective care, upon our pastor, the church staff, the church family, our city and our nation. We bless, we do not curse. We ask God not for what we deserve, but for blessing – for continued grace and mercy!

We value holiness and righteousness as the mark of God upon a people, and we recognize that the church desperately needs revival and our nation needs a great awakening; therefore, we regularly and consistently cry out to God for revival in the church and a great awakening for our nation.

We believe in the power of petition, that God answers when people pray rightly; therefore, we faithfully take the needs of the church, one another, the city and the world before the throne of God and ask for grace! We provide a means whereby requests for prayer are taken seriously and held up in prayer persistently, beseeching God expectantly for an answer.

We believe in the power of God through intercession; therefore, we identify, train, team and mobilize intercessors for the under-girding of the ministries of the Church, and for the support of the various mission endeavors of the congregation.

We believe that prayer is essential to the success of every endeavor, that without Him we can do nothing, and whatever we do in His behalf without dependence upon Him is less than it might have been, given dependence in prayer; therefore, our rule is no one works unless someone prays!

We believe that the reception of the gospel unto salvation is a spiritual issue; therefore, we pray for the harvest, that blind eyes will be open to the gospel, ears will be enabled to hear and receive the truth of Christ, hearts may be receptive to the good news that goes forth in power out of prayer.

We believe that there is a definitive connection between prayer and the harvest; therefore, we insist that prayer must have a missional dimension, that we must pray for lost loved ones, for the unreached in our city and the world.

We believe, “God governs the world by the prayers of His people;” therefore, we pray for our city, state and national leaders. We pray about world conditions and various global crises. We invite God’s intervening reign. We pray, “Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done.”